We're a small company with a simple goal: 

"Construct productive local environments that promote wellness, create social and personal sustainability, and inspire creativity."

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An abundance of under-utilized indoor and outdoor space is lying dormant in residential real estate.

Making better use of this space can create communities that are more resilient, productive, and contribute to a more interesting and diverse local culture.

When we say we're a small company, we mean it. We currently manage 2 rentals in Coeur d'Alene. The "Home Away from Home" rental is our proof of concept for how we would like to set up future rentals in a way that benefits the local community, new properties will be added soon! click here if you are interested in our management services.

Our Process:

Purchase, Lease, or Manage

Village Collective finds an otherwise unproductive property that could be anything from bare undeveloped land to a fixer-upper in a residential neighborhood, and either purchases the property or enters into a lease or management agreement with the owners.

*We are currently searching for new properties to manage and developing an onboarding process for clients. If you are interested in our property management services in the Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, or surrounding areas, Click Here!


Our Spaces at Work

Market Gardens

A big part of our properties will be gardens, whether it's a half-acre market garden or a small balcony garden at a condo. Our goal is to create enough growing space to have a farmers market booth or CSA in the summer, and leave our short-term guests some fresh fruits and veggies for their stay.

Featured Artists & Classes

Each property will feature local artists work and have links to their online profiles provided on the respective property page. There may also be studio space included in the property where small art classes or exhibits may be hosted,.

Culinary Experiences

Our goal is to work with local chefs & farmers to offer cooking classes, private dining experiences, or catering for small events using as much on-site produced or locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Music Events & Classes

Music is Life, and we plan on bringing life to our properties by providing space for local or traveling musicians to practice and teach lessons, stream a live performance, or even host in-house live listening experiences.

Yoga and Fitness 

Our properties will have dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for fitness activities. Our goal is to work with local instructors to offer small-group or individual classes on-site,. 

Design & Building

Even in a very small workshop, people create amazing things. Our properties will have spaces for craftsmen and makers to experiment and create.

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